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be foolish or senile due to old age

shower with love

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2 Caste/Ethnicity Group of Dropout Children Doti Chhetri 16% Damai 6.
The temporary clinics were held in the district hospitals of Achham and Doti, both within the far-western region of Nepal, in February and March 2001.
The attempt to distinguish different paradigms is not unique to this paper: it mirrors those developed in Delery and Doti (1996) - and perhaps unfortunately shares a similar sounding, though differently defined, terminology - and in Wright and McMahan (1992).
Cleveland and Huertas, Citibank, 24; Lynne Pierson Doti and Larry Schweikart, Banking in the American West: From the Gold Rush to Deregulation (Norman, Oklahoma: University of Oklahoma Press, 1991), 75-80; White, The Regulation and Reform of the American Banking System, 158-159.
Basing his study on the records of the Monte delle doti (or Dowry Fund) of fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Florence, a source registering details of more than twenty thousand marriages, Molho argues persuasively that the marital and dotal strategies of the leaders of Florentine society were at the heart of their remarkable ability to maintain and solidify their hold on positions of wealth and influence through centuries of political change.
James Doti and Dwight Lee, The Market Economy: A Reader, contains excerpts from the most significant writings in classical liberal thought and market analysis.
Some theoretical background exists, but there is little empirical evidence that identifies characteristics of shoppers who obtain a high level of savings per time spent in search, or those associated with a "taste" for search (Douglas 1976; Doti and Sharir 1981; Dow and Juster 1980; Tauber 1972).
Pyszczymuka joins the team led by Michael Doti, Richard DeSousa and Thomas Murphy, Jr.
Mudiad Meithrin will provide books and training for volunteers to read the adventures of much loved characters Dewin and Doti.
At local level the project is carried out by our local partners Social Service Centre and RDC in respectively the districts Dailekh in the Mid Western region and Doti in the Far Western region of Nepal.
Nel Diary of a Seducer, Don Giovanni si vanta di come le proprie doti retoriche siano servite a dissimulare il fatto di aver tradito Cordelia con un'altra giovane donna:
Childress is now making their family travel products available to the travel industry as they transition leadership from the company founder to the next generation: daughters and long-time company Vice Presidents, Sarah Gray and Kate Doti.
There have been 13 deaths in two months in Doti district in western Nepal but now the situation is under control," Thakur said.
Oltre a servirsi in maniera originale di materiali d'epoca, film e documentari Luce, montati da Francesca Calvelli, e confermando le sue doti di direttore d'attori, Bellocchio vuole spingere a una riflessione sulla periodicita dei modi e dei mezzi con cui si esercita il potere, ieri come oggi, innovando i propri modi narrativi, servendosi di moduli melodrammatici, a cui aveva fatto ricorso Giordana con Sangue pazzo, ricostruzione della parabola della coppia divistica Osvaldo Valenti e Luisa Ferida, della loro passione travolgente e dell'effimera scalata al successo.
Along with these three Malla kingdoms of the Kathmandu Valley, the Sena Kingdoms of Palpa, Maknwanpur, Chaudandi, Bijayapur, and Tanahu, and the Kingdoms of Gorkha, Kaski, Parvat, Lamjung, Jumla, Doti, Salyan, Bajhang, Jajarkot, Mustang etc.