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a company that operates its business primarily on the internet using a URL that ends in '

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2]: Price dispersion is greater across MCRs than across DotComs.
Dotcoms garner a mere penny per ad from banners and other popular forms of Internet advertising, he says.
I don't think there is going to be an exceptional amount of lawsuits against the dotcoms, but I do think they will be disproportionate," Virjee says.
James Fanshawe, e-business risk management partner at PwC in Birmingham, said: "The survey highlights that the failure of the dotcoms to put the customer as number one is clearly a massive issue.
Important intangible assets for dotcoms include domain names, underlying software and the innovative new business methods that have characterised the Internet boom.
Over the past few months we've spoken at greater and lesser length with any number of the dotcoms and regardless of whether they are primarily catering to property owners or manufacturers, they are all convinced they are expanding the market for licensed goods.
With marketing budgets dwarfed by their bubble-era predecessors, these dotcoms charged up their handheld video cameras and posted their "commercials" (at no charge) on the Internet for the world to view and share.
During the dotcom crash, however, they realized that greater opportunities lay with small, medium-size, and, in some cases, large companies, not with the fickle consumer.
It was the stereotype enforcement, the get rich quick mentality, the simplistic notion that you can have an idea, think of a catchy name, slap dotcom on the end of it, find a suit with money and laugh all the way to the Galapagos.
Given the recent closures of dotcoms, one might surmise that Rojas is having difficulties finding people willing to commit to the risky medium.
The big millennium devastation of dotcoms did not kill the Internet, but it did change the way it will grow.
That's a question more and more failing dotcoms are asking these days.
The key to our success has been our relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction, focus on mission critical projects and avoiding staffing poorly funded dotcoms," said Abedi.
At a time when dotcoms are crumbling due to conspicuously low levels of business acumen on the part of their founders, "the `E' in Esystems epitomizes the high level of service we strive to provide--excellent, exceptional, and extraordinary," states Elam.