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a printer that represents each character as a pattern of dots from a dot matrix

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Unlike other nonprofit recyclers, Goodwill Industries accepts technology that you thought of as merely a conversation piece or electronic curio - including dot-matrix printers or old PCs powered by 286 processors.
The speed of an ink-jet printer is comparable to that of a dot-matrix printer, and the quality of print ranges from good to excellent.
Like all HP DeskJet home printers, the new printer consumes approximately 80 percent less energy than a typical dot-matrix printer and has earned the U.
The TM-U200D is a 9-pin serial dot-matrix printer with bi-directional print capability, a 1K print buffer and a minimum print speed of 3.
PFS:Resume & Job Search Pro's sophisticated printer drivers give you superior results from over 250 laser printers and dot-matrix printers -- even 9-pin printers.
The latest line of 24-pin dot-matrix printers are considered ideal for personal printing.