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a rectangular matrix of dots from which written characters can be formed

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Unlike other nonprofit recyclers, Goodwill Industries accepts technology that you thought of as merely a conversation piece or electronic curio - including dot-matrix printers or old PCs powered by 286 processors.
The speed of an ink-jet printer is comparable to that of a dot-matrix printer, and the quality of print ranges from good to excellent.
Using a 12x11 cross-plexed technique, austriamicrosystems' AS1130 LED driver is targeted for dot-matrix displays in mobile phones, toys, small LED displays in personal electronics, but also non-battery powered household goods, indoor public information displays, and industrial applications such as power meters.
Each features an easy-to-read, 31 character scrolling dot-matrix display.
The latest line of 24-pin dot-matrix printers are considered ideal for personal printing.
3-volt LED (light emitting diode) dot-matrix alphanumeric "smart" displays used in medical and test equipment, printers, scanners, copy machines and routers, line cards and other networking equipment.
When asked what Stevenson, a recognized expert in corporate mergers, thought of the Packard Foundation's intent to vote against the merger, Stevenson said, "this isn't a dot-matrix printer company anymore and I find it strange that no one's heard from the institutional investors in these companies.
Under the terms of this agreement, IMAJE will globally distribute ROFIN's Dot-Matrix laser marking product as the LightJet.
In order to take advantage of the offer, customers who purchase an IJ6000 will need to send their current impact dot-matrix receipt printers to the company before April 30, 2001.
today launched its new H8/3857 series of microcontrollers with on-chip dot-matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) controller/driver and 60 kilobytes(K) flash memory, the first of its type on the market.
The Model 54pH/ORP Analyzer with advanced diagnostic capability and an easy-to-use menu-driven interface makes operation of the analyzer simple; choices appear on the large dot-matrix display through the use of a tactile-feedback membrane keypad.
To be selected by this important reseller segment for making the highest quality and most reliable dot-matrix printers is truly an honor," said Patrick Steffen, vice president and general manager, dot-matrix line of business, Okidata.
The printer is ideal for families who own dot-matrix printers or other outdated technology and are considering upgrading to inkjet printers.
is a global developer, manufacturer and supplier of printing solutions and products, including laser, inkjet and dot-matrix printers and associated consumable supplies for the office and home markets.
For the consumer and business markets, EPSON offers ink-jet, laser and dot-matrix printers, as well as LCD video projectors and digital cameras.