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a company that operates its business primarily on the internet using a URL that ends in '

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Most of the job losses occurred at dot-com companies that specialize in services such as consulting, finances and information.
However the board game's makers may be taking a gamble with some of the new dot-com companies, according to the BBC.
His "monster idea," conceived at the dawn of the World Wide Web, quickly became one of the first dot-com companies (454th registered domain on the Web) and has since grown into the world's leading online career site.
With dot-com companies, because they're so new, they're not necessarily going to have historical data.
While many dot-com companies are in trouble, there is still a tremendous need for space, so the timing of the program is still relevant.
Having come to dot-com companies with ideas and aspirations that outstrip possibilities at the traditional jobs they've cast off, these CPAs are in it for the adventure of working in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment.
The public markets have been difficult for all companies, and certainly for technology and perceived dot-com companies in particular, but our own operations have been doing extremely well.
Then, perhaps, these dot-com companies will be able to capture the leprechaun.
According to IDRC president Andy Bessette, vice president of corporate real estate and services for Travelers Property Casualty Corporation, many dot-com companies are finding a need to establish a physical presence in addition to their virtual domains.
The influx of dot-com companies has brought new jobs into the marketplace, increasing the demand for workers and office space.
For those insurers that take the other path--to create dot-com companies within their large, bureaucratic organizations--there are significant barriers to overcome.