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Synonyms for halftone

a print obtained from photoengraving

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an engraving used to reproduce an illustration

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I was a senior editor of the magazine at the time, and I remember how difficult it was to proof the image, since the dot screen of Walker's offset-printed source kept generating a moire effect, while the scanned toothpaste maintained its minty crispness.
The instrument features PC functions with Internet capabilities using a full VGA size web browser, a cellular phone with stylus handset with CDMA, AMPS, PCS and GSM capability, interactive personal organizer functions, GPS navigation module, Bluetooth chip for wireless roaming communication and a 4" color touch 640 x 480 dot screen.
Ground-breaking technologies have enabled the watch to record and display up to 100 digital and monochrome images, which can be viewed on a compact 120 x 120 dot screen.
Given how screen technology is one of Sony's biggest fortes, it's a bit of a let-down to see a standard 460K dot screen on a DSLR.
Although it was impossible to extrapolate their results to real crop residue pictures, the authors concluded that the random dot screen method would provide useful comparisons of residue cover levels, if not accurate values of percentage residue cover.
The bad part is that Sony replaced the 920K dot screen of the NEX-3 with a 460K dot screen on the Alpha NEX-3N.