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a company that operates its business primarily on the internet using a URL that ends in '

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Packaged footage has become about as important as venture capital to dot coms seeking customized content to back up their business plans and appease investors.
Once any and all Dot Coms surface, Excite will hold an online vote to determine the true Dot Com.
While other dot coms where spending millions on mass media, Synergy Brands was bartering those advertising services for other goods and services.
Although many dot coms will not survive 2000 due to excessive cash burn rates in comparison with their capital, Giga believes B2C dot coms will have a permanent role in the retail landscape, capturing $39 billion in revenues in 2002 and $49 billion in 2004.
Time-to-market, uncompromised performance, scalability and reliability are critical for dot com startup success," said J.
com's new Bay Area Dot Com section allowing visitors to search for Silicon Valley salaries within the Internet industry.
Norwalk Mayor Frank Esposito will be the first speaker at the CIA II reception and will discuss "Norwalk and the Internet" including the location of several large dot com companies in Norwalk.
Since its inception, Millennia Vision has completed more than 200 projects for over 150 clients, including industry leaders such as Cisco Systems, Nortel Networks, Sun Microsystems Hewlett-Packard, Seagate, Toyota and AirTouch Communications; and innovative dot coms such as Handspring, AllAdvantage.
And while the amount of advertising reached irritating levels for many consumers, they indicate that these advertising venues are important ways for dot coms to raise their awareness and pique their curiosity.