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I was loosely inspired by Lihn in inventing "the Poet" of La Casa de Dostoievsky, but that poet, clearly, is not the real Enrique Lihn nor does he have that name in my book.
La Casa de Dostoievsky narrates a trajectory of disenchantment similar to that described in Persona non grata.
Marrone also points to the breadth of erudition that characterizes Cavani's approach to filmmaking, identifying intertextual resonances with the works of Sophocles and Euripides, Dostoievsky, Mann, Sade, Nietzsche, Bataille, and Foucault.
Scott Fitzgerald, Baudelaire, Jacques Chardonne, Rimbaud, Dante, Dostoievsky, Howard Hawks, and innumerable other sources, everything in the film comes from somewhere else.
Of all his books I most enjoyed his life of Dostoievsky, which is more a portrait of Gide himself than one of the Russian.
It was really very much like a Russian novel and he saw the moving and terrible pages, pages and pages, in which Dostoievsky would have described the situation.
es el caso de novelas como La mujer imaginaria, El origen del mundo, El inutil de la familia, Persona non grata, El sueno de la historia, La casa de Dostoievsky, por nombrar algunos.
John Cullen rode his first winner since returning to action last week following a five-month absence through injury when teaming up with the well-backed Dostoievsky for Paul Nolan.
Ha escrito varias novelas y ensayos, de los cuales podemos mencionar entre otros: Fantasmas de carne y hueso (1993), El museo de cera (1997), El whisky de los poetas (1994), El origen del mundo (1996), Machado de Asis (2003), Los convidados de piedra (2001), La mujer imaginaria (1985), El inutil de la familia (2004), La casa de Dostoievsky (2008) y su ultima novela La muerte de Montaigne (2011).
The seven-year-old took the measure of Dostoievsky after the second-last.
Another with Galway on his agenda is Paul Nolan's Dostoievsky, who ran out a very comfortable winner of the first division of the aforementioned contest under John Cullen.
Moran almost completed a double, as Dostoievsky looked like winning the handicap hurdle but was just run out of it close home by Urowells, who was giving trainer Stephen Mahon his second winner within a week.