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3] I frame the context of my argument with several responses to the discussion set forth in Nina Pelikan Straus's work, Dostoevsky and the Woman Question, specifically her chapter on Crime and Punishment.
He cites Tolstoy and Dostoevsky as having uniquely set "before us with such indisputable certainty the standards toward which any serious novelist must toil".
Chapters 1-6 deal in turn with Archbishop Forte's primary interlocutors: Augustine, Aquinas, Kierkegaard, Dostoevsky and von Balthasar, which are followed by two chapters on, respectively, music and cinema, concluding with a chapter that reflects on beauty and death.
Some critics have even accused Solzhenitsyn of anti-Semitism - one parallel with Dostoevsky that is certainly unfair.
The idea for the conference grew out of a congress held every five years in which hundreds of scholars come together to discuss Dostoevsky.
It should be noted] that through adapting and updating the text," says the play's director, Talal Derjani in his program notes, "it is important to preserve the world of Dostoevsky in the world of theater.
remembered, Dostoevsky begins by tracing the origins of Russian
In a prophetic anachronism, Dostoevsky makes the spokesman for authoritarian utopianism a Catholic cardinal of sixteenth-century Spain; and, to give the Legend the fullest ideological significance, casts Christ, allegorically returned to Seville to witness the Inquisition, as his silent but compelling antagonist.
Linda Ivanits opens her seminal study of the interconnections between the narod (people) and Christianity in Dostoevsky's major novels with the premise that "any talk of God in the mature Dostoevsky must include talk of the narod .
Parvanov continued "Today we bow before the greatest minds of the world such as Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Darwin, Turgenev, Victor Hugo, MacGahan, Gladstone and many others who worked on the strength of international solidarity and solidarity with the Bulgarian cause - a Bulgarian cause that had the support of the world's intellectual elite.
TONY Blair is said to be an avid reader of Feodor Dostoevsky and so am I.
For a mid-priced stay, try the Hotel Dostoevsky, also in the heart of the city.
Although scholars have traditionally pointed to the influence of Karamzin's literary style on Dostoevsky, the primary reason for the novelist's continuing interest in the great historian and man of letters is none other than his own query into the Russian intelligentsia's sense of self vis-a-vis the West.
The Master of Petersburg has been read as historiographic metafiction with a mise-en-abyme plot, featuring Dostoevsky on the brink of writing The Possessed.
Face-to-face with Holbein's painting, Dostoevsky doubted the reality of the Resurrection.