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Use of natural-scientific methods and digital technologies in humanitarian research; the work of FM Dostoevsky as a methodological problem.
In those scholarly studies, especial attention has been given to the influence of Dickens's Pickwick Papers and David Copper field on Dostoevsky because of a memoirist's account, now much quoted, that Dostoevsky read both novels during his Siberian imprisonment (Futrell 86).
The method with the help of which Dostoevsky presents many of his ideas may be called a method "from the opposite".
Dostoevsky, as the creator of the polyphonic novel, decentralized this monological appreciation of the world:
This issue would be easy to resolve if art were not, as Bakhtin argues, so "self-confident, audaciously self-confident, and too high-flown, for it is in no way bound to answer for life" (Art and Answerability 1), or if Myshkin--who, ironically, Dostoevsky conceived as one of most perfected literary characters-had not turned out to be one of the least expressive and least answerable of all Dostoevsky's characters.
Here is a quote from Dostoevsky taken from "The Brothers Karamazov":
Bakhtin says that Dostoevsky gave a different voice to each one of the characters in his novel, each one talking free of the author's intention.
The second, like Bakhtin's Dostoevsky, makes his truth the property of all men.
Although any text contains, in principle, intertextuality--for "intertextuality encompasses any signifying unit in relation to the forms of communication, cultural codes, and social customs that endow it with meaning" (Goodwin 9)--in poststructuralist and deconstructionist theory, Kurosawa's Hakuchi invites a discussion of intertextuality in its most narrow sense as well since it is an outright adaptation of Dostoevsky's novel to the extent that the title remains unchanged ([TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] idiot in Japanese) and Dostoevsky is mentioned in the first intertitle that summarizes the character of the hero, a clear indication of the film's indebtedness to the original.
Dostoevsky wanted to transform Russia by bringing intellectuals into meaningful contact with the masses.
Farhadi's conservatism is similar to the conservatism of Fyodor Dostoevsky.
I love Kafka, Flaubert, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Proust, O'Casey, Rilke, Lorca, Keats, Rimbaud, Burns, Emily Bronte, Jane Austen, Henry James, Blake, Coleridge.
I argue that, despite distancing himself from Dostoevsky amid his political conversion from conservatism to liberalism, Mann still borrows one of Dostoevsky's most controversial ideas--association of the loss of national identity with a devil's pact.
CREDITS: Directed, written, edited by Zeki Demirkubuz, based on "Notes From Underground" by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
Dostoevsky also sought to provide a response to the theodicy dilemma of suffering that for many modern thinkers, particularly in a post-Holocaust world, has proved an insurmountable barrier to religious belief.