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a cheap lodging house

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A SEEDY doss-house is a front for a lucrative drugs empire which supplies Glasgow's desperate hookers.
It looks like a tramp's doss-house," said one observer.
Rangers could earn at least as much - enough money to buy another six superstars every year, more than enough to leave the rest of Scottish football well and truly in the doss-house.
IF the B&B in Albert Square is now worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, why did Audrey run it like a doss-house and dress like a pauper?
The scandal was not that they had to pull it down, but that they had let it stand for so long - making old people pay through the nose for a glorified doss-house.
What saves the whole shaky edifice of a bed and breakfast doss-house in Smethwick occupied by the sad and mad (mainly DSS claimants and care-in-the-community cases) from being condemned and closed down is a bravura performance by Tim Healy as the puffed-up ignoramus of a proprietor, Harry Springer.
The Commons often resembles a doss-house with everyone shouting and no one listening.
1 Brooklyn, spent his childhood bouncing between divorced parents, schools, sofas, doss-houses, diners, and countless psychiatrists' offices, in seemingly every neighborhood on Chicago's North Shore.
In their place, he offers, among other pleasures, a vibrant vision of Johnson's London (condom shops on Fleet Street, cellars as "small basement doss-houses filled with filthy sacks and people"), shrewd thumbnail sketches of Johnson's politics, and a vivid picture of Johnson as writer and social actor (222, 168).
Kirsteen - who lives with sons Dale, 18, Declan, 15, and Dean, 10 - said abandoned flats are being used as doss-houses by drunks and thugs.
The dockland was then a Dickensian landscape of coal-black buildings, a forest of masts, brawny stevedores, foreign voices, raggedy children and grotty doss-houses.