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Assuming an LNT dose-response curve and using dose lagging is a contradiction because with the LNT model each unit-dose increment (e.
A) Dose-response curve with a small non-zero slope in the low-dose region before increasing significantly at higher doses.
The dose-response curve had a classic monotonic shape with median effective concentration ([EC.
The dose-response curves were constructed and the experimental points fitted using least-squares linear regression.
Several possible explanations of the effect of smoking and alcohol dependence on the alcohol-CDT dose-response curve can be proposed.
The tendency of the dose-response curve of TF on Ang II-induced portal vein contraction was similar to Valsartan in both SHR and RHR (Table 1 and Fig.
00) for test results of the AxSYM vs the Stratus II immunoassay, indicating a very close match to the dose-response curves previously seen with Digibind-free specimens as well as the regression equation for serum samples with added Digibind (Fig.
Let us suppose that the slope of the dose-response curve is a 10% change in response per picogram and that the statistical error in the determination is 10%.
By segregating the large, qualitative uncertainties about the existence of human hazards from the more statistical issues about dose-response curve fitting and chemical potency calculation, the uncertainty analysis is not only more clear, but, more importantly, can be made quantitative.
The choice of a specific UF to take into account the fact that the PoD is not risk free will be influenced by shape of the dose-response curve below the PoD.
Both the ezetimibe/fenofibrate and ezetimibe / gemfibrozil combinations were well tolerated with no increase in adverse events or abnormal laboratory values, probably because ezetimibe has a fairly flat dose-response curve.
The dose-response curve for blood pressure is shallow" with ACE inhibitors and ARBs, explained Dr.
They were requested to assay a series of dilutions of the recombinant ferritin preparation 94/572 together with dilutions of the 2nd IS for ferritin 80/578 such that similar ranges of response resulted for at least four dilutions of each falling in the linear portion of the dose-response curve.
We anticipate completing a 300 mg dose cohort in the third quarter, continuing to escalate towards the peak of the dose-response curve thereafter.
This analysis also reveals a gap in the evidence base along the dose-response curve between ETS and active smoking, which is the dose range experienced by half the world's population from indoor biomass and coal burning for cooking and heating.