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In Table 2, the calculated values of absorbed dose rate, radium equivalent activity, the external hazard index and annual effective dose equivalent were found to be higher for smaller grain sizes except for sample XI74, where the absorbed dose rate, radium equivalent activity and annual effective dose equivalent were slightly higher for grain sizes <2 mm and >1 mm, compared to grain size <1 mm and >0.
Most of the standards in Table 1 place specific requirements on the strength of the radiation field used for testing, typically defining it at the reference point of the detector through a measure of exposure rate (expressed in [micro]R/h)1 or ambient dose equivalent rate (H*(10), expressed in units of [micro]Sv/h).
Radiation dose limits for permissible dose equivalent is less than1 mSv/y and if the number is multiplied by 100, it shows the percentage of people at risk in the area.
deviations from mean count rate ([DELTA]R), dose equivalent (D;), deviations from mean dose equivalent ([DELTA]D) and percentage deviations from mean (%[DELTA]) for the 10 locations of the college campus environment are displayed in Table 1.
Eric had a dose equivalent to 190 years of background radiation.
1) In the 3 months preceding the competition concerned, he had taken a daily dose equivalent to 40 mg synephrine, 400 mg caffeine, and an unspecified amount of tyramine and octopamine.
Conversion factors can be used to estimate what the effective dose equivalent would be.
QUIZ CHALLENGE: 1 Gun dogs; 2 The dose equivalent of radiation; 3 Chile; 4 One troy ounce; 5 Christian Lacroix.
ANSWERS: 1 Gun dogs; 2 The dose equivalent of radiation; 3 Chile; 4 One troy ounce; 5 Christian Lacroix; 6 Croquet; 7 Opportunity Knocks
5) An understanding of radiation dose begins by differentiating among the terms exposure, absorbed dose and effective dose or effective dose equivalent.
The analysis provided a value for deep dose equivalent IR exposure.
The amount of exposure, the dose, and the dose equivalent are used to indicate how much damage may occur to an individual exposed to radiation.
A gradual decrease in dose and/or dosing interval of dexaxamethasone every 3-7 days, in an attempt to reach a physiologic dose equivalent to 20 mg of cortisol per day (i.
In contrast, the Perchlorate Study Group, an industry consortium that has worked with the EPA and the DOD, proposed a much looser reference dose equivalent to 200 ppb.
According to Commission information, the effective population dose equivalent resulting from liquid and gaseous radioactive waste should not exceed 100 microSieverts.