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the art and science of preparing and dispensing drugs and medicines

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former Commissioner, FDA, and visiting Senior Fellow at the AEI--Brookings Joint Center; topics of discussion include contemporary approaches to dosage form design, in-vivo/in-vitro correlation issues, process design and scale-up, as well as regulatory, legal, and market demographics discussion points related to controlled release dosage forms.
Modern Pharmaceutics helps you stay current with the basic sciences, systems, applications, and advances in drug development from materials used in formulations and dosage form design and manufacture, to testing in clinical trials.
com), European Pharma/Biotech Contract Manufacturing Markets: A Strategic Outlook, finds that contract manufacturing and outsourcing (CMO) has evolved to include services ranging from dosage form design, process optimisation and commercial stage manufacturing to packaging, logistics and marketing support.
John's experience includes simulation and modeling of gastrointestinal absorption, dissolution, and controlled release dosage form design as well as ocular delivery.
Since its incorporation in 1997, Cirrus has expanded its capabilities to include many aspects of drug development, providing timely research and project development support to the pharmaceutical industry, and in particular, the development of pharmaceutical dosage form design.