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United States novelist remembered for his portrayal of life in the United States (1896-1970)

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I]l mondo [dei] desideri primordiali" (121) di Anderson ritorna nell' "esaltazione dionisiaca dei sensi e della corporeita" (122) propria anche di Pavese, e "[s]peranza e sconfitta[,] [ossia] le antinomie dell'America moderna" (132), sono rappresentate da Dos Passos e Dreiser, ma si ritrovano anche nel destino dell'avventuriero pavesiano.
Early Hairstreak, listed as vulnerable by the Xerces Society, is often considered one of the most uncommon and elusive butterflies in the eastern US (Hyatt and Watson 1988; Klots and dos Passos 1981; Nielsen 1973; Scott 1986; Vaughn and Shepherd 2005).
Sartre's style calls to mind the expressionistic style of the American prose writer Dos Passos, orte of his favorites at the time.
As Dos Passos did in the USA trilogy, the Moroccan author fans outward to tangential characters whose lives illustrate the economic web that ensnares them all.
John Dos Passos, discussing the artist George Grosz, "Grosz Comes to America," Esquire, September 1936
A THE group took its name from a 1925 novel by John Dos Passos.
Her first novel garnered the John Dos Passos literary award, and in 2006, even before the release of her new novel, she was tapped for the prestigious Luis Leal Award for Distinction in Chicano/Latino Literature, granted annually by the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Channeling his polarized narrative style by way of Dos Passos and James Joyce, Doblin captured a series of negative snapshots of changing social relations in the fast-paced industrial economy of the Weimar Republic that inevitably brought about a rise in unemployment due to new technology and its dampening effect on manpower.
8" (far left) and "John Dos Passos, Three Soldiers," which refers to an antiwar story by American novelist John Dos Passos.
Consequently, when Dos Passos includes, for instance, clues to historical events in his novel (e.
He remained close to John Dos Passos even after the novelist abandoned Marxism for a full-throated conservatism.
In parts two and three are essays written while Sacco and Vanzetti were still alive and a cause celebre supported by such well-known authors as John Dos Passos, Eugene Debs.
Around the same time, the Japanese could browse through the Japanese translations of the latest novels by Ernest Hemingway, Upton Sinclair and John Dos Passos at their local bookstores.
com), that the eminent novelist John Dos Passos toured post-World War II Europe and declared confidently in the January 7, 1946, issue of Life, "We have swept away Hitlerism, but a great many Europeans feel that the cure has been worse than the disease.