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small to medium tropical tufted ferns

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Two species, the endemic Doryopteris decipiens and the indigenous Psilotum nudum are distributed on all eight main Hawaiian Islands.
Multiple colonizations like those for the Dryopteridaceae also have been postulated for Hawaiian Doryopteris (Yesilyurt, 2005) and the indigenous Asplenium adiantum-nigrum (Ranker et al.
Doryopteris takeuchii, a fern endemic to Diamond Head Crater on O'ahu, was recently listed as endangered (USFWS, 2012a).
insulare, Diplazium molokaiense, Doryopteris angelica, Dryopteris crinalis var.
E 1200-2700 densum Blechnum appendiculatum Nz 30-560 Cheilanthes viridis Nz 10-700 Cyrtomium caryotideum I 300-2100 Cyrtomium falcatum Nz 0-1525 Doodia kunthiana E 90-1220 Doryopteris decipiens E 30-915 Doryopteris decora E 120-700 Doryopteris takeuchee E 100-120 Dryopteris fuscoatra var.
Kuhn GU935496 South Africa Cheilanthes venusta Fee JN122014 Brazil Doryopteris collina (Raddi) J.
For this reason they attribute heart-healing properties to Doryopteris nobilis (mborevi po or tapir hooves) whose sterile fronds resemble the tracks of this animal.
Amongst the materials used to make beads we have observed the use of the shiny black petioles of Adiantopsis chlorophylla, Adiantum pseudotinctum and Doryopteris nobilis.
Presencia de Doryopteris lomaricea (Pteridaceae-Pteridophyta) en Argentina.
Sold as an ornamental Doryopteris mborevi po (tapir --Sold as an nobilis (Moore) pawr); amambdi ornamental C.
Cheilanthoideae, Doryopteris, Neotropical, Pteridaceae, South America
The specific epithet given to this new Doryopteris species refers to its majestic appearance, due to the outstanding size and shape of the fronds.
Doryopteris majestosa is relatively widely distributed in east central South America (Fig.