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the act of bending backward (of the body or a body part)

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Effects of dorsiflexor endurance exercises on foot drop secondary to multiple sclerosis: A pilot study.
These commercially available devices use small surface electrical signals to stimulate the peroneal nerve to activate the ankle dorsiflexors to provide functional toe clearance during swing.
In addition, manual muscle test scores were collected with and without stimulation on the same day for the five muscle groups that the lower-limb ASIA motor test comprises: hip flexors, knee extensors, ankle dorsiflexors, long toe extensors, and ankle plantar flexors.
Additionally, excitability effects were substantially greater on dorsiflexors as compared with plantar flexors.
In the stimulation pattern constructed specifically for this implant recipient (Figure 3(c)), a step with the left leg was triggered by depression of the finger switch at BP1, which activated the left hip flexors and ankle dorsiflexors (iliopsoas, TFL, and tibialis anterior) and initiated swing.
Different functions place different demands on different muscles; for instance the strength of the dorsiflexor and hip flexor muscles strongly correlates with walking speed and endurance in people after stroke (Dorsch et al 2012), whilst the strength of the hip extensors, flexors and knee extensors are important for successful performance of stair climbing (Bohannon and Walsh 1991).
Lower extremity muscle strength of bilateral hip flexors, abductors and extensors; knee flexors and extensors; and ankle dorsiflexors and plantar flexors was measured using a Nicholas HHD.
Dorsiflexors -- anterior tibialis: Using a theraband or weight on your forefoot, bring your toes and forefoot upward.
69) This could be due to a greater activation of the dorsiflexors during initial heel contact compared to a midfoot or forefoot initial contact pattern where greater activation of the plantarflexors has been observed.
2) The purpose of this pilot study was to determine the immediate effects of dorsiflexion resisted walking on ankle mobility, muscle recruitment of the ankle dorsiflexors, and gait velocity in healthy adults.
2006) Differential changes in muscle oxygenation between voluntary and stimulated isometric fatigue of human dorsiflexors.
Due to the sciatic block, the ankle dorsiflexors and plantar flexors on the left leg were 3/5 compared with 5/5 for the right leg.
Neurological examination revealed weakness of left foot dorsiflexors (Grade 4/ 5).
Length-dependent neuronal degeneration in the early stages of the disease causes selective weakness of the ankle dorsiflexors, and while the ankle plantarflexors are also affected, they remain stronger by comparison and overpower the weak ankle dorsiflexors (Burns et al 2005).
1) Often associated with common peroneal nerve (CPN) dysfunction, it is caused by paresis of the ankle dorsiflexor, the tibialis anterior, and the toe dorsiflexors, the extensor digitorum brevis and extensor hallucis longus.