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the act of bending backward (of the body or a body part)

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Motor block was assessed by asking the patient to plantarflex and dorsiflex the foot and was classified as follows: 0=normal movement, 1=decreased movement, 2=no movement.
Complete tears are usually associated with discontinuity and separation of the torn ends of the tendon, and there usually is interposed edema or hemorrhage (1,2,4,6) Clinically, the patient's ability to dorsiflex the ankle is significantly impaired, though not necessarily absent, as the peroneal tendons are also able to dorsiflex the ankle.
R L R L Ankle dorsiflexion <20[degrees] 20[degrees]- With knee extended, 30[degrees] dorsiflex ankle; note the angle between foot and leg.
Fixed skin staining (nonblanching) and rigidity of calf compartments ('rigor mortis'/inability to dorsiflex the foot) generally point to established tissue necrosis and a non-salvageable leg.
Inability to flex the hip joint, extend the knee joint and dorsiflex or plantarflex the foot was taken to indicate successful motor blockade.
Briefly, when a swelling is found in the Achilles tendon region, the subject is asked to dorsiflex and plantar flex his ankle.