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a city of southeastern Estonia that was a member of the Hanseatic League

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These names indicate that this is the first newly listed pair in the first supplement to Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve's 1827 Dorpat Catalogue.
Friedrich Georg Wilhelm Struve appointed extraordinary professor of astronomy at Dorpat University, and assistant at Dorpat Observatory.
Il sistema delle dediche"; Janika Pall, "The Practice of chreia at the Academia Gustavo-Carolina (1690-1710) in Dorpat (Tartu)"; Klara Pajorin, "Janos Vitez ed Enea Silvio Piccolomini alla nascita della retorica umanistica in Ungheria"; Jan Papy, "Lipsian Style and Swedish 18th-Century Politics?
Estudio en la Universidad de Dorpat, graduandose en 1875, trabajando como profesor en dicho centro hasta 1881.
The position of professor at the University of Dorpat (Tartu) was not accepted, though he eagerly corresponded with the scientific community.
111 Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve was a German, and not a Latvian, who worked in Dorpat for some of his career, including the geodetic part.
12) Dice Peter Selz que: "Cuando en 1896 Kandinsky rechazo un puesto en la Universidad de Dorpat para ir a Munich, contaba con un largo periodo de formacion en jurisprudencia y economia politica, amplios estudios de etnologia y antropologia, con trabajos de campo en grupos autoctonos primitivos de Rusia, una formacion en el campo de la educacion musical, y un estudio completo de las ciencias fisicas.
Von Bergmann had finished his medical studies in Dorpat in 1860, while Zabludowski had finished his studies in 1874.
The origin of pharmacopsychology: Emil Kraepelin's experiments in Leipzig, Dorpat and Heidelberg (1882-1892).
A second lists university chairs of Indology (and comparative linguistics) up to 1914, with incumbents, ranks, and dates, in what was then Germany (thus including Breslau, now Wroclaw, Poland, and Strasbourg, France) and in Germ an-language universities outside Germany, primarily Switzerland and what was Austria (including Prague and now Ukrainian Czemowitz), but also Dorpat (now Tartu, Estonia) until it became Russophone in 1895.
Though Basel was a small university, and could seem so provincial that its professor of philosophy, Gustav Teichmuller, was glad to leave his chair for one in Dorpat (now Tartu in Estonia), it had a remarkable intellectual tradition in which the names of Johann Jakob Bachofen and Jacob Burckhardt are pre-eminent.
1862), a Russian diplomat and student at Imperial University Dorpat (now Estonia), asking if a believer in his theory could also believe in God.
Psychiatrist Dorpat takes a stand against punishment on both moral and scientific grounds.
the Senckenberg Institute in Frankfurt 1776 and the institute of Dorpat (1803-1825/27) and from the Sommering type the institute in Greifswald (1854/55).