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English writer of detective fiction (1893-1957)

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It remains true nonetheless that Christine Fletcher's effort to retrieve the work of Dorothy Sayers is of real benefit to all those looking for a coherent account of how to go about making life more human for all.
Dorothy Sayers called Chesterton "a beneficent bomb," owing much to his Christian witness.
In a lecture given at Oxford University in 1947, Dorothy Sayers made a profound observation--that the intellectual elite who abandon Christianity remain "governed by a code of Christian ethics which is so rooted that it never occurs to them to question it.
Pete borrowed our set of classic Dorothy Sayers mysteries during his renovation work.
After marrying Davidson, he told his friend Dorothy Sayers in a letter: "My heart is breaking and I was never so happy before: at any rate there is more in life than I knew about.
Walton doesn't rival her models Josephine Tey or Dorothy Sayers in the mechanics of mystery writing--the puzzle itself struck me as rather loose and sloppy.
The sad story is told in Janet Hitchman's biography of Dorothy Sayers, Such a Strange Lady.
Gary's favorite continuing-education opportunities have been in contemporary worship and a conference on Dorothy Sayers, the mystery writer and Christian apologist.
O'Connor likens Wilkens and the others to the Judas of the Dorothy Sayers radioplay cycle "The Man Born to Be King.
P Herbert, Dorothy Sayers, and Rebecca West, who all incorporated shell-shock into their work.
How many of today's budding John Grishams -or indeed, Grisham himself, pictured below -will still be in print after 75 years as Dorothy Sayers is?
There's a Dorothy Sayers quote I love, "A woman in advancing old age is unstoppable by any earthly force.
Dorothy Sayers, in Busman's Honeymoon, provides the best gloss: after the wedding night, Harriet Wimsey (nee Vane) lies wondering if Lord Peter's first words would be in English or French.
Dorothy Sayers, in a little book on the seven deadly sins, writes: "Envy is the great leveler: if it cannot level things up, it will level them down .
But Dorothy Sayers, the novelist -cum-theologian, offers an explanation: Jesus had been invited by the Jewish Republican captain to lead his army of Jewish terrorists to Jerusalem.