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Synonyms for dormitory

a college or university building containing living quarters for students

a large sleeping room containing several beds

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At Vanderbilt, Red (as Warren was called) likewise paid tribute to the poem's power, doubtless for his roommate's amusement: Tate returned one day to find their dormroom decorated with scenes from the poem.
Before he was famous as Fidel Castro's right-hand man, before he seeded revolutions across Latin America and appeared on a million North American dormroom posters, the young Che Guevara had set off to see the Americas by motorcycle.
Nor is it a variation of that old dormroom philosopher's sawhorse, "What would chairs look like if our knees bent backwards?
Designed to be sweetly sexy, comfortable and cozy, the aerie brand offers AE customers a new way to express their personal style everyday, from the dormroom to the coffee shop to the classroom.
The Chicago Tribune reported that he left a note in his dormroom that included a rambling list of grievances.