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Synonyms for midazolam

an injectable form of benzodiazepine (trade name Versed) useful for sedation and for reducing pain during uncomfortable medical procedures


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In addition, a tablet, especially, AnGesid being used by heart patients, Lomotil for diarrhoea given instantly to cure the thyroid gland infection in throat, Migril tablet, Zentel syrup, Neomercazol tablet, Dormicum tablet, Ethaphilin syrup, Polyfex skin ointment, and several medicines of anti-allergy have been taken away from the markets.
When they came round two days later the businessman - in his 40s - consulted a doctor, who told him they were showing signs of having been given the date-rape drug Dormicum.
It is not just urban students who do drugs, for imaginative students in rural areas and small towns also make do with controlled medication like Dormicum, codeine or Nospan.
Drug abusers were found to be abusing Subutex by mixing it with other drugs, mainly Dormicum, a prescription sleeping pill.
El capo se recuperaba lentamente, pero una sobredosis de Dormicum, suministrada presuntamente por un medico de guardia y sin la autorizacion del doctor responsable del paciente, termino con la vida de uno de los narcotraficantes mas poderosos de Mexico.
According to the medical records, the doctor first administered 80 milligrams of the sedative Dormicum, then another 50 mg of the same drug, and 20 mg of Cercine, another sedative.
According to the official version, the trafficker died in a recovery room hours after his surgery; he had been given anesthetics and the sleeping potion Dormicum, a mixture that Herran said ``contradicted all medical science.
Subsequent testing showed positive reaction to atropine, Dormicum, Esmeron, Lysthenon, Norcuron and Rapifen.
The foreign national yielded a cache of prohibited drugs such as Valium, ketamine, Mogadon, Xanax, Nitravet, Cialis, Zopalet, Alpraquil, Bitalin, Dormicum, Pinix, Rivotril, Codeine Sidus, Ecstasy and marijuana.
It is advisable to give intramuscular Valium 10mg or intravenous Dormicum 5mg and monitor vital signs.