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small furry-tailed squirrel-like Old World rodent that becomes torpid in cold weather

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Ongoing research of Giroud's group is now focusing on comparing late-born juvenile garden dormice with their early-born counterparts.
Lots of animals hibernate, but fat dormice do so for seven or eight months.
We find that dormice were eaten with a pig meat stuffing.
Dormice rarely touch the ground, spending most of their non-sleeping time climbing through tree branches.
Audrey Watson, BASC''s Green Shoots North Wales officer, said: "I had checked the boxes in the summer and was disappointed not to find any evidence of dormice.
And they may have eaten dormice - they had pots of ingenious construction in which they fattened them up," Wallace-Hadrill, who is also the master of Sidney Sussex College at Cambridge University, added.
Survival rates of dormice reintroduced into the wild are extremely high, demonstrating the success of this activity as part of the longer-term conservation strategy, which combines monitoring the status of the species, with reintroductions and ongoing sympathetic habitat management.
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is working with landowners to protect rare species in this area, including dormice and butterflies, such as the Wood White, White Admiral and Gatekeepers.
The Trust has released nearly 50 newly-bred dormice in parts of Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire and the North Midlands, where colonies are now established.
During the 2003 outbreak of human monkeypox in the United States, a shipment of African rodents that contained Gambian rats and dormice is thought to have resulted in secondary infection of prairie dogs (1-4).
He could host fancy dinner parties and serve exotic specialties like stuffed dormice (small rodents).
A total of 94 animals were seized from the south London house, among them bush babies, flying squirrels and dormice.
The charcoal is made from the debris created in the forest-clearing practice known as coppicing, which allows light into the woodland environment, encouraging ancient woodland flowers such as dog's mercury, butterflies and dormice.
TWENTY pairs of rare dormice will be released into a secret Midland woodland this month.
CONCERNS about dormice at a proposed housing development in the north of Cardiff have "no justification", an expert has said.