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an elastic synthetic fabric

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The Bushy Park plant is equipped with the most technologically advanced fiber production equipment in the world, and is scheduled initially to produce an annual capacity of eight million pounds of Dorlastan spandex in a full range of deniers from 15 to 840, in both dull and clear lusters.
Bayer's aggressive plans include a major expansion of its flagship manufacturing facility in Bushy Park to provide a total capacity of 6,400 tons, and the capacity will also be increased in the Dorlastan plant in Dormagen, Germany, to reach 7,300 tons.
Asahi Kasei has signed a memorandum of understanding to purchase Lanexess' Dorlastan spandex business including production facilities in Dormagen, Germany and Bushy Park, SC.
Customers joined federal, state and local officials and Miles management to recognize the groundbreaking for its Dorlastan spandex synthetic fibers plant.
Among the major projects are a $100-million film- and paper-finishing plant for the company's Agfa Division, the company's first of its kind in the United States, and a $170-million Dorlastan spandex synthetic fibers production facility scheduled to open in 1995, also a first.
The unit will produce Dorlastan elastic fibers, used as a filament yarn in the manufacture of sportswear, swimwear, lingerie and hosiery.
Bayer Faser, Dormagen, Germany, a business unit of Lanxess, has changed its name to Dorlastan Fibers & Monofil in an effort to focus on its future core business.
One of the best-known partnerships in the hygiene industry is Bayer Faser, Dormagen, Germany and Henkel, Dusseldorf, Germany, which combines Bayer's Dorlastan elastic thread and Henkel's Sanicare range of adhesives to create a system solution for upstanding leg cuffs and elastic attachments in baby and adult diapers.
Executives said the company will now make boosting the value of the fibers business a priority With sales last year of 232 million Euro, Bayer Faser's main product is Dorlastan, a fiber used in underwear and swimwear.