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(Greek mythology) wife of Nereus and mother of the Nereids

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a small region of ancient Greece where the Doric dialect was spoken

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My uncles Albert, Arthur, Leonard, Alec and my aunts Elsie, Ida and Doris all lived in the house with my greatgranda.
In 1934 Doris married Albert who she met at a Ladywood dance hall.
Greg, of Woburn Sands, Bucks, called the RSPCA but decided not to ask the charity to collect the deer as they told him Doris would be put down due to her broken leg.
Norman was just nine when his family moved to Woodford Green in London, to the house next door to seven-year-old Doris and her family.
Doris said: "When we're on top and the fans are behind us we're a different team.
Doris died aged 83 after suffering a hospitalacquired infection following her admission to a ward after a fall at home in Chadwell Heath, Essex.
As well as the entertainment from Elvis, Doris enjoyed a special cake and party.
Doris and Frank went on to raise six children - Margaret, Sandra, Robert, Diane, Graham and Sharon.
AdM DORIS Rus d b Johnny Russell's hat-trick and a brace from Jon Daly secured a routine 5-0 win for DUNDEE UNITED at STRANRAER.
Josh Falkingham salvaged a point with a dramatic late leveller after Doris squandered a spate of opportunities.
Throughout her life, Doris made a huge contribution and a lasting impression on the Arthur Murray organization.
Mr Mann, of King George's Avenue, Foleshill, sent the two photographs into the Telegraph after seeing his mother appear with friend Doris "Doll" Bubb in a recent Telegraph article.
Bernard and Doris," HBO's fictitious film about the real relationship between the obscenely wealthy heiress Doris Duke (Susan Sarandon) and her faithful manservant Bernard Lafferty (Ralph Fiennes), fleetingly makes reference to the movie "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?
Andrea's Voice Silenced By Bulimia: Her Story and Her Mother's Journey Through Grief Toward Understanding" is a final legacy organized and co-written by both Andrea's mother, Doris Smeltzer, and Andrea herself in the form of her journals and papers.
DORIS DAY is alive and well and living in Carmel California, where her life is now focussed on animal welfare.