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the oldest and simplest of the Greek orders and the only one that normally has no base


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For instance, the little Doric temple of Theseus at Hagley in Worcestershire, built by James Stuart in 1758, was the first building of the Greek Revival.
The doric Temple of Athena is found inside the medieval castle.
For example, Larsen describes the British Museum as in the shape of a Doric temple (p.
2--Color) Some of the first visitors to Althorp Estate crowd around the lakeside Doric Temple that is a memorial to Diana, Princess of Wales.
It is the well-known Doric Temple (circa 1785) that stands today on the hill near a sympathetic obelisk which comes from the same period.
South of Palermo you drive through vineyards and hamlets to Segesta with its mysteriously unfinished Doric temple.
The Doric temple, which Posh Spice insisted on as the venue, was never a recognised church or chapel under church law and the Posh-Becks wedding was the first ever to be carried out there.
The Doric temple still stands, one of the best preserved in all Greece.
Nicholas Revett's neo-classical purity at Ayot St Lawrence, the earliest British church with a Greek Doric temple front, however, is primarily that of Greece.
The tiny Doric temple folly in Dublin is listed as '"he Glen, Luttrellstown Castle".
There was a Doric temple, copied from the Theseion in Athens, and also from Athens was a copy of the octagonal Tower of the Winds.
Surrounded by 29 of their closest family and friends - and huge security to safeguard a pounds 1million magazine deal - the couple exchanged vows in a Doric temple folly in the grounds of Dublin's Luttrellstown Castle.