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the oldest and simplest of the Greek orders and the only one that normally has no base


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Sir Charles had been inspired by ancient Greece and the buildings he had seen on his honeymoon in Athens and, to a design by architect John Dobson, had Belsay Hall built in the Greek Doric style.
Constructed in the classical fashion of the day it was of the Roman Doric style, and was made up of local red bricks and Staffordshire blue bricks with 11,700 feet of 21-inch glass.
The two principal remains of such funerary monuments, the priestly B'nei Hezir tomb from the Qidron Valley in the eastern part of the city, and Jason's tomb (also probably belonging to a priestly family) in the west, in what is known today as the Rehavia neighborhood, were both built in typical Hellenistic fashion - the former with its facade in classic Doric style (columns, pilasters, and frieze), the latter with its single Doric column and pyramid-type monument.
Built of Portland stone and Cornish granite, the octagonal building is built in strict Doric style, decorated with flat, plain pilasters at the edges of the four wider sides as well as two round Doric pillars at the front of the entrance portico, and a Doric frieze of triglyphs - three-grooved tablets - and blank metopes, or spaces, between them under the cornice of the main building and its three aedicules.
The temple at Hagley was built of sandstone and was the first building to be constructed in the Doric style since ancient times and, as such, is a key landmark in the history of European architecture.