Doric dialect

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the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Doris


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The entertainer was best known for his part in the acclaimed comedy revue act, who mostly performed in the north-east Doric dialect.
But for Kevin, who does both voices of the Lord and the Young MacGuffin, he talks in the Doric dialect from his area.
BBC Scotland chiefs have given the green light for a pilot episode, so prepare yourself for a dose of Doric dialect and north east humour.
She had a rich father, farmer and MP Hamish, and spoke dead posh - not in the local Doric dialect she's just taken the oath in at Holyrood.
Those taking part will be encouraged to use their local Doric dialect - and there will beno subtitles.
The pounds 110 R2 D2 replica will carry out a host of commands, but not for people speaking in the north-east's Doric dialect.
WEAKEST Link host Anne Robinson has turned her sharp tongue on the North East's Doric dialect.