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the oldest and simplest of the Greek orders and the only one that normally has no base


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13) Hope's rather scratchy sketch shows the western end of the gallery with two Greek Doric columns framing a view of the organ, which is flanked by fitted bookcases with narrow, round-arched doors.
With Doric columns outside and Corinthian columns inside, the building is about as grand as any private residence in the city.
The "Georgian" style, complete with classical Doric columns, offers a unique presence to the public.
The Pantechnetheca, for example, had one floor of Doric columns below and another of Ionic above, and a row of classical statues beckoning customers inside.
The vertical sculpture Role Model I, 2013, shows a strapping, sunglasses-clad twenty-something (a stranger to Pinsky) nonchalantly posing in front of faux Doric columns.
The architect] planned four Doric columns in the front and Italian details.
With its facade dominated by six massive Doric columns, it stands as a handsome monument to federal programs that actually worked--in this case, the Public Works Administration.
The facade of the central projection is the door window with arched transom and through the balcony, supported by Doric columns highlighted.
Following the revelations of what some were getting up to in the run-up to the financial crisis it is going to take a bit more than a few chunky doric columns to restore confidence.
Believed to be the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high officials, some of the tombs have frescoed walls and Doric columns.
Believed to be the burial sites of Paphitic aristocrats and high offi-cials, some of the tombs have frescoed walls and Doric columns.
This Colonial Revival residence boasts porches along its front and sides which are supported by eight Doric columns.
good We stopped off at the Lincoln Memorial to pay our respects to good old Abe, the 16th US president - his huge marble statue eerily illuminated in the middle of the neo-classical "temple" with its 36 Doric columns representing each state at the time of his death and his famous Gettysburg Address engraved on the south wall.
The lobby of 195 Broadway, with its soaring 35-foot ceilings and striking Doric columns, provides visitors with a powerful space to view the images and contemplate the events that took place at the nearby site of the attacks.
The whole thing is supported by 30 Doric columns and a grand entrance hall which makes it look, according to locals, like a Hyatt Hotel.