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the oldest and simplest of the Greek orders and the only one that normally has no base


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At this point I described the Corinthian, Ionic and Doric columns to my students, with visual examples of each.
This unfluted Doric column upon a pedestal, 42 metres high, was built of imperishable but finely cut Aberdeen granite--both red and grey--by Nowell of Pimlico, and designed by Benjamin Dean Wyatt.
And now, in its wisdom, Glasgow City Council proposes to remove every statue from George Square, including the central Doric column, sparing only the Cenotaph erected in front of City Chambers to honour Glasgow's dead of the Great War.
Today a single sixth-century Doric column remains from an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo.
Inside, the timber was concealed by a canvas ceiling, with ornamental ropes reaching out to the 24 fluted timber columns standing within the walls while a tall Roman doric column was substituted for the central tent pole (Fig.
Being sold through the Birmingham office of Knight Frank with a pounds 740,000 price guide, the property has a cream painted facade, big sash windows and tall chimney stacks plus a distinctive entrance portico with fluted Doric column supports.
In a rural setting seven miles from Droitwich, ten from Worcester and 18 from Birmingham, the property retains some Georgian character and a number of classic touches including Doric column detailing to the entrance.
It was these motifs (exaggerated arches, heavy Doric columns often strengthened with massive blocks of rustication), rather than delicate Palladian details, that appealed to those early 20th-century architects like Peter Behrens, Mies van der Rohe, Alvar Aalto and Gunnar Asplund whose neoclassicism evolved into modernism.
With Doric columns outside and Corinthian columns inside, the building is about as grand as any private residence in the city.
The "Georgian" style, complete with classical Doric columns, offers a unique presence to the public.
The Pantechnetheca, for example, had one floor of Doric columns below and another of Ionic above, and a row of classical statues beckoning customers inside.
The vertical sculpture Role Model I, 2013, shows a strapping, sunglasses-clad twenty-something (a stranger to Pinsky) nonchalantly posing in front of faux Doric columns.
The architect] planned four Doric columns in the front and Italian details.
With its facade dominated by six massive Doric columns, it stands as a handsome monument to federal programs that actually worked--in this case, the Public Works Administration.
The facade of the central projection is the door window with arched transom and through the balcony, supported by Doric columns highlighted.