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the oldest and simplest of the Greek orders and the only one that normally has no base


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The famous lobby, made grand by its cavernous scale, marble flooring, Doric columns and multitiered capiz chandeliers, is fully decked with red, gold and white Filipino-inspired trimmings.
Giuseppe Mazzini, for instance, was buried in a rock-cut tomb in a hillside in Staglieno, behind severe Greek Doric columns.
At this point I described the Corinthian, Ionic and Doric columns to my students, with visual examples of each.
Although the Doric columns by no means dominate the painting, they are abruptly imposed immediately behind the figure of the Madonna and her billowing silken cape so that the contrast of line (the harshness of the columns and the flowing elements of the drapery) is immediately apparent.
Likewise, a student confused by the word "Doric" can stop and view a picture of a Doric column and read accompanying text.
The Doric Column which now stands between the town hall and the Shambles replaced an earlier 1709 built Market Cross in 1768.
Also by Wilkins was the Nelson Pillar in Dublin (40 metres), the Doric column which afforded fine views of the Georgian city until it was blown up by the IRA in 1966.
The Battle of the Cross refers to fighting that broke out around the Doric Column on Stockton high street in the 1930s between local fascists and communists.
Caesar, Lepidus, and Antony stand silently in a triangle around the globe, which sits atop a Doric column at the center of the tent's performance space.
The entasis of this skyscrape r, like that of a Doric column, leads to a new kind of propositional beauty, one worked out digitally.
Question one: Where in Stockton would you find a Doric column dating back to 1768?
Today a single sixth-century Doric column remains from an ancient temple dedicated to Apollo.
Originally a residential square, it is now dominated by William Young's (1843-1900) magnificent City Chambers and in the centre is an 80ft Doric column on a pedestal, supporting not Nelson bur the creator of the Romantic national myth of Scotland, the novelist Walter Scott.
Restoring historic landscape features such as the Doric column, and
Inside, the timber was concealed by a canvas ceiling, with ornamental ropes reaching out to the 24 fluted timber columns standing within the walls while a tall Roman doric column was substituted for the central tent pole (Fig.