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the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Doris

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Doric would only need to sign up three or four carriers to make its A380 order work, Lapidus said.
The Doric String Quartet will be offering a programme of quartets by Haydn and Chausson finishing with Schubert's epic Death and the Maiden Quartet.
Doric Nimrod Air One added that its investment objective is to obtain income returns and a capital return for its shareholders by acquiring, leasing and then selling a single aircraft.
In 2008, they were given the freedom of the city, awarded for "their services to the fine arts, the Doric language, promotion of the city and for makin' a'body laugh".
The Doric series, currently numbering only four works, emerged just as he was completing the Wall of Light series, on which he had worked for more than a decade.
of Canterbury, New Zealand) comments on the eight surviving and fragments of a ninth poem by third-century BC Hellenistic poet Herodas, who seems to have lived in the Doric speaking part of Kos or the nearby mainland.
The Doric String Quartet were able to cover for the absence of the Michelangelo Quartet at the launch of the 2008-09 Newcastle International Chamber Music Series at The Sage Gateshead - and next Wednesday the society repays that gesture by inviting them to open the new six-concert series.
Meanwhile, here's ED's liner Apapa, in April, 1962, in Langton Dock with Shaw Savill's Doric, back right
These Doric columns are available in stock in 36-in.
If I remember correctly, when I was a student at the Escuela Normal de San Nicolas, in Argentina, we learned that the column that Norah drew for the cover of Fervor de Buenos Aires was an Ionic column, not a Doric.
The Doric-2 natural gas well located in Apache's Doric gas field in Permit TL/1 is on production at the rate of 65 million cubic feet (MMcf) of gas per day from the Flag sandstone.
Gandy's own architecture ranged from austere Ledoux-like model designs for agricultural cottages to the spare but fantastic Neo-Classicism of Doric House in Bath that still overlooks Royal Crescent from Sion Hill.
The two groupings are Doric and Ionic, with the canisters reflecting the architecture of Greek columns and accented with gold or platinum.
G-Spot: An Urban Doric Tale by Noire Strivers Row/Ballantine Books, January 2005, $13.
A wealth of Doric and Ionic columns have been identified on the High Street and the Castlegate shopping centre has been likened to the "Stoa" markets of ancient Greece.