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the dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Doris

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The Doric Quartet's love of Haydn was plain to see and hear in their sparkling performance of 'The Lark' Quartet.
Until the advent of television, practically every village in the area had an enthusiastically supported dramatic society, rehearsals being a regular winter pastime; and as will be briefly discussed at the end of this paper, the tradition then established of drama in Doric for amateur performance is still very much alive.
Doric would only need to sign up three or four carriers to make its A380 order work, Lapidus said.
The Doric String Quartet will be offering a programme of quartets by Haydn and Chausson finishing with Schubert's epic Death and the Maiden Quartet.
Doric Nimrod Air One added that its investment objective is to obtain income returns and a capital return for its shareholders by acquiring, leasing and then selling a single aircraft.
In 2008, they were given the freedom of the city, awarded for "their services to the fine arts, the Doric language, promotion of the city and for makin' a'body laugh".
Not much made Doric prouder than helping along other playwrights, performers and musicians.
The Doric series, currently numbering only four works, emerged just as he was completing the Wall of Light series, on which he had worked for more than a decade.
The metopes, decorative architectural elements typically found above the architrave in Doric buildings, were based on scenes from the British Museum's famed Parthenon marbles, depicting the battle between the Centaurs and the Lapiths.
Pavone previously was the founder and principal of New Doric Advisory Services, LLC where she performed marketing, strategic support, and capital raise services to privately-held real estate investors, funds and partnerships.
The Doric String Quartet were able to cover for the absence of the Michelangelo Quartet at the launch of the 2008-09 Newcastle International Chamber Music Series at The Sage Gateshead - and next Wednesday the society repays that gesture by inviting them to open the new six-concert series.
In discussing columns and capitals for example orders are delineated: Doric characteristics are its frieze with alternating metopes and triglyphs; Ionic with characteristic scrolled capitals and fluted columns; and Corinthian with its capital covered with rows of acanthus leaves.
Meanwhile, here's ED's liner Apapa, in April, 1962, in Langton Dock with Shaw Savill's Doric, back right
Phipps was a 33rd degree Mason in the Doric Masonic Lodge in Hudson.
These Doric columns are available in stock in 36-in.