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using the reflections of high-frequency sound waves to construct an image of a body organ (a sonogram)

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At follow-up 2 and 6 weeks later, carotid Doppler ultrasonography found no abnormalities.
Ultrasonography, Doppler ultrasonography, computarized tomography and fine needle biopsy are recommended in clinically suspicious patients, even though thyroid function tests are normal.
Dynamic tests such as Doppler ultrasonography and fMRA, with plantar flexion and dorsiflexion of the foot, showed a lateral neurovascular displacement and compression between soleal band and medial gastrocnemius and plantaris muscle.
The average shunt sizes on the first post-operative day as documented using Doppler ultrasonography was 7.
The diameter of spermatic vein was also measured using color Doppler ultrasonography before and after treatment in the escin group.
Color Doppler ultrasonography is reliable in assessing the risk of esophageal variceal bleeding in patients with liver cirrhosis.
Possible other methods are modified Allen test, Doppler ultrasonography, digital plethysmography, pulse oximetry, thumb systolic arterial pressure measurement, and magnetic resonance imaging or a combination with those methods.
In an evaluation of transcranial (TCD) and extracranial (ECD) Doppler ultrasonography, researchers have shown that both future stroke and future cardiovascular ischemic events can be predicted by abnormal findings.
I have struggled over B-mode and colour Doppler ultrasonography of the milk vein in 29 healthy Swiss braunvieh cows.
Doppler ultrasonography in high risk pregnancies: systemic review with meta-analysis.
Middle cerebral artery Doppler ultrasonography has better sensitivity and specificity for detecting severe maternal red cell alloimmunization than amniotic fluid bilirubin values, Dick Oepkes, M.
Doppler ultrasonography verified an acute nonocclusive deep vein thrombosis in his left superficial femoral vein.