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change in the apparent frequency of a wave as observer and source move toward or away from each other

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1 shows the direction of the 3-space flow as determined from NASA satellite Earth-flyby Doppler shifts [6], revealing that the flow direction is close to being South to North, which is relevant to the ESR Darmstadt experiment in which the [Li.
To examine the potential contributions of physical characteristics to Doppler shift, correlations between each of the characteristics and the Doppler shifts recorded during lifting and during transfers were computed (see Table 2).
The discovery of the quantum detection of gravitational waves, showing correlations between well separated locations, that permitted the absolute determination of the 3-space velocity of some 500 km/s, in agreement with the speed and direction from a number of previous analyses, including in particular the NASA spacecraft Earth-flyby Doppler shift effect.
This inverse Doppler effect, first predicted in the 1940s, produces a frequency boost some 100,000 times greater than the drops of ordinary Doppler shifts, the researchers report in the Nov.
3D sound -- provides a cross-platform API for creating 3D spatialization of sounds, Doppler shifts, volume and roll-off controls.
Most significantly these experiments agree with one another, and with the absolute motion velocity vector determined from spacecraft earth-flyby Doppler shifts.
These measurements may include, for example, the estimation of Doppler shifts and code phases.
However, the frequency shift can be tens of thousands of times as large as normal Doppler shifts, Reed says.
Next, the Tesla System enchants the ears: an array of 12 quadraphonic speakers have been designed with Doppler shifts, spatial effects and stereo sounds that correspond exactly to real-life physics.
While confirmed by numerous later experiments, particularly that of Miller [4], see [6] for an overview, the most accurate analysis used the Doppler shifts from spacecraft earth-flybys [5,6], which gave the solar-system a galactic average speed through 3-space of 486 km/s in the direction RA = [4.
Researchers would determine these by analyzing the wavelength changes, or Doppler shifts, in the radio signals received by the Observer from an ultrastable oscillator aboard the subsatellite.
The published data does not give the Doppler shifts as a function of SC location, so the best we can do at present is to use a SC trajectory-averaged v(D), namely [[upsilon.
New analyses of COBE data clearly demonstrate that these features result from Doppler shifts in wavelength caused by the motion of the solar system relative to the microwave background.
13 PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS, Wolf outlines a more general -- and perhaps physically more plausible -- mechanism that could imitate Doppler shifts of any magnitude.
Lu et al (2010) proposed an algorithm known as D-Sync, leverages the Doppler shift in underwater environment to do time synchronization.