Doppler shift

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change in the apparent frequency of a wave as observer and source move toward or away from each other

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This is consistent with the RA and Dec for December from the NASA Doppler shift data [5].
The device measures a Doppler shift when movement beneath the probe is detected.
The process involves measuring the Doppler shift of the laser radiation that is scattered by the moving particles.
Thus, we are told that the system is not pioneering, not unique, uses Doppler shift and not GPS (apparently), is not in real time, is unstable.
From the Doppler shift in the signal -the equivalent of a police car's siren dropping in pitch as it races away from you -it can also calculate the target object's speed.
A reduced Doppler shift also enhances the effectiveness of chaff and decoys, which should allow the aircraft to break lock and hide in ground clutter.
This non-contact, laser velocimeter employs Laser Doppler Shift Technology to offer accurate and repeatable measurements of speed and length Contact: 1-508-832-3456
Vostell conjured this global ghost over traffic jams and cityscapes, in Doppler shift living colors, haunting the ether of the East.
The sensor detects the presence of targets by the resultant Doppler shift caused by an object moving toward the vehicle or the vehicle's movement toward an object.
An instrument to measure cutaneous blood flow using the Doppler shift of laser light.
You get a big Doppler shift in the sound, as if it's a sword swinging through air," Burtt says.
The stimulus either generates a frequency consistent with a Doppler shift or infrared energy consistent with the detection parameters of a passive infrared sensor.
Physical/inertial fading factors (such as Doppler shift, range delay and terrain-based clutter), from external modeling applications.
This result was confirmed by other experiments: Miller 1925/26 gas mode Michelson interferometer, DeWitte 1991 coaxial cable RF speeds, Cahill 2009 Satellite Earth-flyby Doppler shift NASA data [6], Cahill 2012 dual coaxial cable RF speed [7], Cahill 2013-2014 [8,9] Zener diode 3-space quantum detectors.
This measures flexible pavement stiffness using laser Doppler shift and pavement thickness using GPR.