Doppler radar

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radar that uses the Doppler shift to measure velocity

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The two institutes set up the doppler radars in Tokyo's Bunkyo Ward, Yokosuka and Ebina in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kisarazu, Chiba Prefecture, and Hanyu, Saitama Prefecture, in collaboration with the National Defense Academy of Japan and Chuo University.
New generations of high-resolution Doppler radar rely on advanced digital-imaging and object-identification techniques.
State-of-the-art facilities include a Virtual Nursing Learning Center, VisBox virtual-learning system, theater, non-linear video editing lab, 16-inch computer-controlled reflecting telescope, DNA sequencing, weather station with Doppler radar and the new Christopher Center for Learning and Information Resources.
The Swing Speed Radar is a microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that helps assist players in developing and optimizing their swing speed by providing a convenient real-time measure of their swing velocity.
Services: Weather forecastlng for Web sites, risk management, commodities traders with InterRAD Doppler radar for Internet browsers and marketing
MINNEAPOLIS -- WCCO-TV unveiled a state-of-the-art Live Doppler Radar weather forecasting system last week.
It carries a capable pulse doppler radar, AA-10 Alamo radar air-to-air missiles and the GSH-301 30mm cannon.
KCBS (Channel 2) and its sister station KCAL (Channel 9) rely on Doppler radar as do most TV stations.
and as a consultant to the Apollo 11 lunar landing team, Schetzen explains the Doppler effect, its various applications and the use of Doppler radar for stabilization and navigation of aircraft.
Cirrus researchers recently developed a way to fill in those blanks with data from Doppler radar and other ground-based instruments.
RSIP improves the E-3's radar by increasing the sensitivity of the pulse Doppler radar so the aircraft can detect and track smaller stealthy targets.
Capable of "seeing" the winds and debris whipping around in the heart of a storm, the Doppler radar has already confirmed some theories about tornadoes and presented additional puzzles, says Joshua Wurman of the University of Oklahoma in Norman.
In creating the world's most compact speed radar device, all aspects of Doppler radar technology have been re-assessed, re-engineered and re-built to achieve a revolutionary break-through that delivers full-sized performance in the palm of your hand.
In February 2015, the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) will finish the construction of its Doppler Radar Station in Zamboanga City.
RSIP improves the E-3D's radar by increasing the sensitivity of the pulse Doppler radar so the aircraft can detect and track smaller stealthy targets.