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a ghostly double of a living person that haunts its living counterpart

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Another Me: The Doppelganger in 21st Century Fiction, Television and Film
One is seen about to be attacked by his double using a katana, while the other is seen hitting a tree with his car after his doppelganger suddenly shows up and takes the wheel from him.
HE MET his doppelganger on a plane - and bumped into a whole crowd of them when he popped into his local back home.
I'm imagining that Spain and Italy must have also used the same agency and fielded doppelgangers for their national sides too.
The superstitious therefore wondered if the Lennon twin had been a doppelganger omen - a warning of approaching death.
Nathaniel finds the three doppelgangers intolerable; he absorbs them into his own consciousness, and the reader is left to wonder if they have ever existed outside that twisted mind.
It makes its intentions far more clear than those series, as well, and also amps up the magnitude of its life-and-death stakes much more quickly than its doppelgangers.
THE members of S Club come face-to-face with their cloned doppelgangers in this musical comedy.
The doppelgangers are being invited to a Tel Convention this summer to celebrate the life and times of the former England manager.
In Period's circular, looking-glass structure replete with multiple doppelgangers, Dennis Cooper has finally found a form to suit his content.
The art doppelgangers are listed by descending order, showing the top matches first.
The Ghost of One's Self: Doppelgangers in Mystery, Horror and Science Fiction Films
IT'S double trouble for Jake Gyllenhaal playing doppelgangers in an intriguing but eventually disappointing psychological thriller.
And Insider had a little chuckle about this pair of doppelgangers.
The actual Fabs were only together for 10 years, but their best known doppelgangers are about to celebrate their 30th anniversary by setting off on a major UK tour.