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In some alarming scenes, the doormen pinned a girl face-down on the ground to stop a street brawl.
The designer doorman hats were launched as Guoman Hotels' doormen uniforms from the first day of London Fashion Week.
The book features interviews with a range of people including doormen, some from the old school with shaven heads and tattoos, and men who have ordinary jobs but work as bouncers for extra cash.
Doormen will likely come only to new construction rental developments, said Rob Gonzalez, an agent for Bond New York.
Fifield has found that many residents form strong bonds with their doormen, often relying on them to help make their lives easier on a daily basis.
And although the confrontation ended peacefully, doormen learned of the incident and moved to eject Mr Doyle, Newcastle Crown Court was told.
The Staffordshire University law graduate denied two charges that he racially harassed Kamran Hyder Khan and his brother, Seyed, while they were working as doormen at Lloyds No 1 Bar in Broad Street, in December 2003 and used threatening or abusive words and behaviour when refused entry because the two men claimed he was drunk
The support and solidarity we've had from doormen across the city has been magnificent.
The safety of people enjoying nights out across Wales could be compromised if new legislation places doormen at a financial disadvantage, claims a new documentary.
A GUNMAN opened fire at two doormen after being asked to leave a wine bar early yesterday.
Doormen at hotels, offices and apartment buildings are a familiar part of New York City life, but doorwomen are rare.
The big-shot achievers purposely set themselves up for massacre at the whim of doormen.
In March, the American sportswear clothier will outfit the hotel's front desk attendants, bellmen, doormen, and concierge in finely-tailored, colorful selections from its 2004 spring collection.
Doormen tried to calm the men down outside Middlesbrough's Mink bar on Corporation Road at about 10.