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Synonyms for knocker

(Yiddish) a big shot who knows it and acts that way

a person who knocks (as seeking to gain admittance)

either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman

a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door

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Fortunately, if you are simply looking for a stylish statement, you can just visit B&Q, Homebase or any ironmongers and you will be able to pick up very good reproduction door knockers for as little as pounds 14.
POLICE are appealing for information following reports of a suspicious door knocker in Flintshire.
Entry is via an attractive panelled door with an opaque glass insertion set back into a beautiful portico with a regal door knocker.
Presenting the Cheshire White Brass Door Knocker Candle; it's just what you need to ensure a great evening.
To hang, tie a ribbon around one section and tie to a nail on the door or use string to attach it to your door knocker.
10 with Warburton, although the pair initially struggled to gain entry as they pushed and pulled at the door before using the door knocker.
Architecture expert Barry Lawson, from Gosforth, Newcastle, has recreated the distinctive lions head door knocker which was attached to Durham Cathedral's north door for 900 years.
00 coins, whilst in the new Door Knocker bonus a further 50 000.
When neighbors thought the castle was going to be razed, they took stained-glass windows, French doors, copper door hinges and the lion's head door knocker, and even used a sledgehammer to dislodge the ornate iron banister from the curving staircase.
The filling included gold-foil figures (guldgubbar), other small gold objects, and a door knocker -- a sturdy iron ring with four knobs.
Among the artifacts presently on exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute is a bronze investment casting of a door knocker [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED].
Install a kick plate, dynamic door numbers and door knocker.
Getting no answer, he knocked more vigorously and the door knocker came off in his hand.
95 DOOR KNOCKER Strand 1 lite glazed hardwood veneer door, B&Q, www.