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a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)

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This initiative allows them to work as more than a provider of superior door knobs and other products for designs in Canada, but as a leading name in quality design for projects of every size.
Businesses in Birkenhead's Hamilton Square have reported not only stolen signs, but even 10 missing door knobs.
The 8th item, "open a door by turning the door knob", was ambiguous because door knobs are rare in Turkey and Turkish people are familiar with "door handle".
The vision of a consultant surgeon or a wages office clerk, taking a few minutes off to swill the floors down or disinfect the door knobs, is not one that Alder Hey will surely want to encourage, no matter how noble it may be for people to muck in for the common good.
9% of bacteria on hard, non-porous surfaces in 30 seconds and disinfects in five minutes or less on high-touch surfaces such as telephones, light switches, door knobs, countertops, and stethoscopes, to eliminate antibiotic-resistant bacteria, rhinovirus, influenza, and MRSA.
We could see how beautiful it was straight away - there were so many wonderful features such as the door knobs, fireplaces and original flooring," said Jinny.
Chapters cover Tudor and Jacobean, Restoration and Queen Anne, early and mid-Georgian, Regency, early and late Victorian and Edwardian, and inter and post-war styles, and include examples of complete rooms and details like furniture, lighting, wall coverings, molding, flooring, curtains, door knobs, stairs, ceilings, and fabrics.
Todd Doors also houses a vast selection of contemporary door furniture, including brass door knobs and their popular, Italian designed, chrome door handles.
She admits that she rubs door knobs regularly before opening doors in order to clean them and sometimes she rubs so hard that paint comes off in her hands.
Few people consider all of the things that we touch every day that are also touched by other people, including door knobs, railings, and elevator buttons.
This historic piece of furniture, which included original cast brass door knobs and old coat hooks from another area, was offered for sale at the auction.
Clean surfaces well with a bleach solution or disinfectant wipes - especially door knobs, faucets, flush handles and remote controls.
Ciaran, who defeated three other UK finalists said: "I felt a bit out of place - there were chandeliers everywhere, gold door knobs, wine and caviar.
Its target is the ever-expanding do-it-yourself market, the group whose top 10 projects include--at least according to the research surveys--hanging pictures; assembling furniture; installing shelves; putting up curtains and blinds; repairing toilets, faucets, or showers; painting a room; inserting screws and/or anchors in walls; hooking up a light fixture; assembling a grill; and changing locks and door knobs.
In the Los Angeles area, AK Coatings is setting up a concept house to field test antimicrobial powder coatings in high-touch areas on a wide variety of surfaces such as door knobs, handles, metal panels and railings.