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a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)

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One of her games was to stand on a small wooden table next to the living room door, grab hold of the brass door knob and swing from it to make the door open and close.
Michael called police when Greene, high on drugs, stormed into his apartment, slammed him against a wall and tore off a door knob.
S new CAMPBELL'S SOUP collection will include decorative pillows, footstools, cotton throws, table linens, tote bags, door knob pillows and door stoppers with the familiar red and white vintage labels and advertisement designs adorning the products.
With three plastic bags to choose from to fit the newspaper delivery business—header, door knob, and wicketed bags—Excellent Poly Bags gives customers a line of options to choose from to fit their company's needs.
Repaint the front door or add new door furniture such as a knocker, letterbox surround or door knob.
When people touch the door knob, there shouldn't be anything sticky or scratchy on it.
A resident said someone opened a back gate, walked into the backyard, then wiggled a door knob on a back door, which was locked.
This may be the woman, who washes her hands every time she touches a door knob because of a fear of contamination, or the man who has to chew each bite of his food exactly twenty-four times, or the neighbour who has to circle his garden eleven times in the evening before going home.
Childproof door knob covers on both sides of bathroom doors
The 8th item, "open a door by turning the door knob", was ambiguous because door knobs are rare in Turkey and Turkish people are familiar with "door handle".
A passenger was fiddling with the emergency door knob when it suddenly got detached.
One end of the cord is fastened to some permanent structure such as a chair back, a door knob, or, if in a lecture hall, the water spigot of the dais.
A large footprint was visible Thursday next to the door knob on the front door to the Bright's house -- however, the door itself did not appear to be damaged.
As the door knob is pulled, explosives go off in the trench, killing the entire patrol.