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a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)

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Hopefully we won't have to |resort to the string and door knob
The Sanitizer Door Knob will significantly curtail the chances of illness.
This may be the woman, who washes her hands every time she touches a door knob because of a fear of contamination, or the man who has to chew each bite of his food exactly twenty-four times, or the neighbour who has to circle his garden eleven times in the evening before going home.
Childproof door knob covers on both sides of bathroom doors
Hummingbirds scratch out the last tooth from the door knob held up
One end of the cord is fastened to some permanent structure such as a chair back, a door knob, or, if in a lecture hall, the water spigot of the dais.
A large footprint was visible Thursday next to the door knob on the front door to the Bright's house -- however, the door itself did not appear to be damaged.
As the door knob is pulled, explosives go off in the trench, killing the entire patrol.
If possible set up on the right side using your left hand to open the door knob, keep your muzzle between you and the threat area, open the door and step back smoothly while going back to a two-hand firing grip.
The door knob came off in her hand, so she took it with her when she joined her friends on the settee -where she handed it to the nearest person.
Thanhauser graduated from Cornell with a degree in electric engineering -- "I can fix a door knob.
positioned adjacent to the rose of the door knob or lever to overlap the
Step 2: The next day, wipe a door knob with a cotton swab and then wipe it onto the gelatin in 1 of the bowls.
Loop the string over the door knob on one side of the door.
My cat jumped on top of my dresser and pushed the door knob with his paws.