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Synonyms for hinge

a circumstance upon which subsequent events depend

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attach with a hinge

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While Peregrine is already a full-service supplier of door hinges and check assemblies, the acquisition will provide new capabilities with the addition of spare-tire carriers.
NYSE: F) to supply door hinges on the 1999 Ford Explorer, according to Larry O'Dowd, CEO of ACI.
If it's too slippery -- for example, on a door hinge -- we can add more resistance to give a better feel," Adrian says.
Tenders are invited for Forged Door Hinge As Per Rdso Drg.
In another, a door hinge priced by a subcontractor at $31 cost the Air Force $2,187.
Screws removed on shed door hinges but thief disturbed by owner and nothing was stolen.
Builders' Hardware (Door Locking Devices, Door Hinges and Closers, Window Hardware, & Other Builders' Hardware)
A few simple steps, such as securing door hinges with coach bolts or non-returnable screws, could prevent their shed from being targeted.
The vehicle's exterior appears identical to a regular-production extended-wheelbase A8, but it has armoured plating and a reinforced aluminium body, all glass surfaces fitted with a splinter-inhibiting polymer, an emergency exit system that fractures the bolts that hold the door hinges in place, a fire extinguisher system, a smoke extractor, an emergency fresh-air system and additional protection for the fuel tank and the battery.
Two compensation orders have been filed against passengers recently, for pounds 750 and pounds 1,000, the first of which was for damage to a car door and the second was for a passenger who kicked off one of the door hinges.
He made horseshoes and small household items such as door hinges by heating iron till it was red hot and then shaping it on an anvil with a hammer.
Make sure the doors and frames of all outside doors are strong and well maintained with sturdy door hinges.
The best came from a man who, 15 years ago, had sold Shakin' Stevens some door hinges.
The range includes profiled door hinges, wide-angle hinges, hinges for glass doors, folding doors and aluminium-frame doors as well as customized versions for special mounting options.
SQUEAKY DOOR - stop the annoying squeak of a door by rubbing Vaseline (petroleum jelly) on the offending door hinges.