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a knob used to release the catch when opening a door (often called 'doorhandle' in Great Britain)

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It is estimated that each internal door handle in a facility has an average of 50 interactions per day.
Potential licensees in the anti-bacterial products industry are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Singletary Specialized Door Handle on a worldwide basis.
So the teens decided to light their door handle from within.
67 percent use a paper towel so they don't have to touch the door handle, toilet flusher or faucet handle.
An innovative hygienic door handle that is proven to kill 99.
The four objects selected for demonstrations of the coating capabilities included a vehicle door handle, a small arms pistol, a section of a uniform and an iPad to represent handheld electronic equipment.
American Honda, which is recalling half the total number of CR-Vs, said: "Simultaneous operation of the driver's or passenger's inner door handle and either the manual or power door lock may result in the inner door handle release cable becoming partially disengaged.
Colombo Design, Italy, has introduced Twitty door handle in brass.
If you leave property on view then this could tempt an opportunist thief to either force their way into your vehicle or to simply try the door handle and help themselves.
The Astra GTC was styled in-house by a team directed by design chief Mark Adams, who stressed it had set out to create a muscular and stylish look of a coup but retain a five-seat practicality which features the Astra's now iconic blade sculpture and a new "shock wave" trailing off the front edge of the door handle on each side.
Tools and materials : Door handle set (including latch and screws) Cordless drill Cordless screwdriver or screwdriver drill bit 14mm and 22mm drill or spade bits Measuring tape and pencil To replace existing handles.
The British man in his 40s frightened fellow flyers by pacing up and down the aisle, then finally putting on his rucksack and lunging for the door handle.
Inspector Phil Radbourne said: "My message is clear - try the door handle of your car yourself to ensure the car's locked.
In addition, Hussmann has partnered with Microban International to develop the industry's first door handle on reach-in cases with antimicrobial protection for the lifetime of the door handle.
Some pilots and co-pilots treat the emergency jettison door handle like a hat rack, hanging their helmets and other equipment on it.