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record of a British census and land survey in 1085-1086 ordered by William the Conqueror

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One concerned resident said: "Honley's oak woods are listed in the Doomsday Book and have been the source of pleasure for hikers, dog walkers and nature lovers for generations.
We of course do not know what is in the Doomsday Book because its existence and contents were secret until it was mentioned in the Geithner memoir.
This stocktaking is a doomsday book for British wildlife.
Dating back to the Doomsday Book, it has quaint, thatched cottages, specialist shops and even stocks near St Cuthbert's church.
It is a challenge, he confesses, because the shire has very few written records before the Doomsday Book.
DAVID Cameron must think he is a new William the Conqueror trying to write a Doomsday book.
The history of Boringdon Hall stems from the Doomsday Book, where one of the earliest mentions of a permanent construction was recorded.
Paul's Cathedral during WW II, a story that led to her Doomsday Book.
Another must-do is have a stroll down the Shambles, the city's oldest street which is even mentioned in the Doomsday Book.
Even before the Merry Men's exploits, the first indication of a settlement at Colwick Park appeared in the Doomsday Book in 1086.
In Overton Village, the 21 tall, dark yew trees in the church of St Mary date from Medieval times, and the village itself is mentioned in the doomsday book.
My story concerns John de Bermingham, his brother William and his son Walter, three Norman knights resident in Ireland and descended from Richard de Bermingham, recorded in the Doomsday Book as `lord of Bermingeha'.
Borrowing a page from everyone's favorite Bible doomsday book, Revelations, the film opens at the execution of a serial killer.