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COLD PLAY J Iain and Shaun in water WEIGHT 3FOR IT Iain and Shaun last year as they pledged to shed pounds WILD THONG Z Iain in mankini with Santa Shaun, Saltireclad dippers, above right, and Olympic rings get a dooking, right JBARE CHEEK J Group of dookers in thongs and tartan tammies, one swimmer hoists a placard, left, and some girls have fun in fancy dress, above tam an
Experienced dooker Andy Brown, 40, said: "It wasn't actually that cold.
THE sun is oot, wor school is closed, ah'm gannin doon the coast, Ah've got me dookers, an' me towel, the pavement's waarm as toast, And when I get te Whitley Bay, there's croods o' people there, Ye cannit move on Station Road, with weather set so fair.
ANOTHER FINE NESSIE ESSIE Dookers have monster fun Dookers have monster fun
THE LOONY DOOK: Watch hundreds of Loony Dookers - some in fancy dress - go for a dip in the Firth Of Forth.
DOOKERS, bathers, kegs or trunks - call them what you will.
Other loony dookers braved the waves in Broughty Ferry and Kirkcaldy, but the prize for the toughest swimmers goes to locals in Crossmichael, near Dumfries, who had to bring in a JCB to break the ice before plunging in.
CORK South Laura Stone from London at Courtmacsherry, West Cork charity swim SCOTLAND South Queensferry, Looney Dookers in the River Forth N.
HANGOVER CURE: Skimpily-dressed Loony Dookers take part in the annual charity plunge into the Firth of Forth near the Forth rail bridge in South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland