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I find it a stress reliever after a hard day at work, so you can imagine how irritated I was when I tried to play a game at doodoo.
Mark Felt, who has good reason to prefer going down in the history books as Deep Throat, not Deep Doodoo.
a first year installation, a story you read before doodoo,
And, it's just plain good medicine to establish even a small foundation for your professional relationship before the doodoo hits the fan.
But it took just one 90 minutes display - and a goal from one particular player - to suggest that Bruce isn't in as deep doodoo as many thought he was.
Though this will no doubt get both Teddy and me into a whole pail of bird doodoo, it's true.
The illusion that it is the fuel for your talent is the biggest crock of doodoo and if you're in the midst of alcoholic insanity it's no fun for anybody, it's a nightmare.
Recently she was in trouble for drooling all over Jackson, but now she's in even deeper doodoo.
He tried woofing at her one time and Uncle Ray and Uncle Moses come over and beat the doodoo outta him, so he never tried that again.