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Synonyms for doodlebug

a small motor vehicle

a small jet-propelled winged missile that carries a bomb

the larva of any of several insects

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Thorpe, pranged on the helmet by a Walsh beamer at Lord's five years ago, was evidently expecting another one and ducked - but the ball dropped out of the sky like a doodle bug, hit his boot and umpire Peter Willey's lbw verdict was a formality.
Lesley Scott runs Doodle Bugs Ceramics and Craft from East Cramlington industrial estate's Old Stone Road, and says proposals for 194 new homes would help her venture, and others nearby, grow.
Doodle Bugs, in Cramlington, Northumberland, are heading into a very busy period, leading up to Christmas and all their new Christmas stock has just arrived, so if you are looking for that personal touch for gifts, come and do some pottery painting.
He was part of the anti-aircraft deployment that was positioned in the south of England to shoot down German V1 doodle bugs, and qualified as a glider pilot while in occupied Germany at the end of the war.
The Bethnal Green station disaster, watching the doodle bugs and running like mad for cover when the engine stopped.
She writes poetically of the hot summer of 1939, and of the doodle bugs slipping through the sky like "huge silvery fish".
She remembers doodle bugs which plagued the south coast,and when she married her corporal husband John, the whole camp attended the wedding,paid for by the army.
It's a new location for the club, which joins a prime family entertainment location also occupied by Don Fillipo's Tratoria, Qzar and Doodle Bugs Children's Gym.
Best Creative Business: Joanna Feeley, Trend Bible; Lesley Scott and Pam Wall, Doodle Bugs Ceramics & Crafts; Sue Moffit, Fififofum.
Doodle Bugs by Nikalas Catlow, (Buster Books, pounds 5) A GREAT idea to keep children occupied, this soft-backed book is packed with pictures to create, colour in and complete, along with bug facts and insect information.