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the act of sowing (of seeds in the ground or, figuratively, of germs in the body or ideas in the mind, etc

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Many states have legislation regarding sperm donor insemination, few states have legislation regarding egg donation, and only one state has legislation regarding embryo placement.
Imagination and integrity: decision-making among lesbian couples to use medically provided donor insemination.
The recommendation on non-heterosexual couples states: "Single women and same-sex couples should be eligible for up to six cycles of NHS-fund-ed donor insemination treatment provided assessment of the welfare of the child has been undertaken in line with the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority Code of Practice, 2004.
Editorial also includes information on such topics as practical decisions about co-habitation, domestic partner benefits, medical and financial decision-making when a partner is incapacitated, estate planning and property, donor insemination, surrogacy and foster parenting, and state-by-state analysis of gay and lesbian marriages including marriage-like relationships in California and Vermont, relationship recognition in Hawaii, Maine and New Jersey, adopting a partner, transgender issues, insurance, and becoming a guardian.
l For intra-uterine insemination (IUI) or donor insemination (DI), the NHS time ranges from two weeks to four years
The revised edition specifically deals with topics pertaining to twenty-first century advances in assisted reproductive technology, donor insemination, and surrogacy.
There will be a natural reluctance on the part of the rearing parents to acknowledge that their children were conceived via artificial donor insemination.
The director of the Cardiff Assisted Reproduction Unit has warned that rules which no longer allow men to donate anonymously might affect the future of the donor insemination (DI) programme.
Insisting that any woman who wanted children should be able to have them, Seymour viewed donor insemination for women without husbands as "a decent and moral method of acquiring the children nature intended them to bear.
Techniques of donor insemination, he argued, could be used to "rationalize" human reproduction.
Lesbians may become pregnant through donor insemination and gay male couples are turning more and more to surrogacy arrangements.
4) The exclusion from ability to adopt operates even in Western Australia, which has recently passed the most broad-ranging legislation in Australia recognising same-sex relationships (including, more remarkably, a presumption that the non-biological mother is the parent of the child for all legal purposes in state law if the child is born through donor insemination and she is the consenting de facto partner of the mother.
The HFEA is charged with licensing and monitoring IVF procedures, donor insemination and human embryo research in the UK.
The pair were approved for donor insemination in 1996 but when this proved unsuccessful, the mother and her then partner signed a consent for IVF treatment involving egg removal, fertilisation with an anonymous sperm donor and embryo replacement.