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the act of sowing (of seeds in the ground or, figuratively, of germs in the body or ideas in the mind, etc

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race-conscious approach to donor insemination, how can this unease be
This includes both insemination with husband's sperm as well as donor insemination.
According to the NGLTF, donor insemination use among lesbian couples has increased since the 1980s.
14) In late 2002 the Victorian government showed a greater readiness to consider change when it initiated an inquiry into the eligibility of lesbians and gay men to adopt, the accessibility fertility services, and the legal status of children born through donor insemination by the Victorian Law Reform Commission for detailed consideration.
13) There is already discussion regarding the desirability for future generations of children born from donor insemination to discover the donor.
Why adoption is not an option in India: The visibility of infertility, the secrecy of donor insemination, and other cultural complexities.
The identity experiences of adults conceived by donor insemination and the implications for counselling and therapy" (2000) 15 Human Reproduction 2041 at 2044.
Some have a mother or father who came out and left a heterosexual marriage; others are adopted or the products of donor insemination.
The first group includes: each partner of five couples who conceived their children through donor insemination within the context of a lesbian relationship; one woman from another couple who used donor insemination; and, one woman who, in the past, had been in such a couple.
provides a review of alternative ways of grounding both a sexual ethic and an ethic of caring for children, and he explores the implications of differing views for positions on such matters as in vitro fertilization, donor insemination, cloning, genetic screening, and surrogate motherhood.
In 1995, a medical investigation concluded that women who undergo donor insemination face a potentially serious threat of HIV infection unless donors are screened for HIV.
The quality of parenting in families with a child conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF) or donor insemination (DI) exceeds that observed in well-functioning families with a naturally conceived child, a team of British psychologists reports in the April Child Development.
Laws governing adoption and donor insemination stipulate what counts as a family.
Although we will try to spin down and combine multiple semen specimens when the husband is oligospermic, in severe cases our physicians generally recommend that the couples consider donor insemination.