Donner Pass

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a mountain pass in northeastern California near Lake Tahoe

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com/news/interstate-80-traffic-backed-up-for-miles-because-of-snowstorm-road-conditions/) Sierra Sun reported one motorist, who was heading down Donner Trail Road toward Donner Pass Road on Sunday, lost control of his car and drove into a ditch.
By the time I reach the Donner Pass, and see smoke-haze above
After leaving Reno, the train followed the Truckee River toward Donner Pass in the Sierra Nevada mountains.
The releases occurred in the Suisun Marsh area in Solano County in April 2004, in Oakland in February 2005 and near Donner Pass in April 2005.
The Club also conducts special group trips and nature tours for inner-city kids, and it operates a network of lodges and huts, including the Clair Tappaan Lodge at the Donner Pass (503-426-3632) And other places in California.
The EDI race was very exciting this summer, with amazing one-mile venues like Maryhill, WA and Donner Pass, CA (not very far from your offices).
We'll hike to gorgeous High Sierra lakes for swimming, birding, and relaxing; attend a Shakespeare performance under the stars; explore emigrant history in the historic Donner Pass area; and much more
A group of nomadic cannibals had briefly occupied an area known as Donner Pass.
At peak times, some 5,000 vehicles per hour travel the stretch of I-80 through Donner Pass," Varney said.
Then I slogged through forty-eight pages of models who looked like they had spent the last eight months at Donner Pass before getting to the first piece of writing, "Jane's Diary," subtitled "Why I'm Not Quite the Biggest Egomaniac in the World.
Driven by winds of 50 miles per hour, the Donner Fire consumed 45,000 acres from Donner Pass clear to the Nevada border.
As for the people doing the rescuing, I think of what Skow told me that first day, near Donner Pass.