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English clergyman and metaphysical poet celebrated as a preacher (1572-1631)


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John Donne was a complicated man; his vocational trajectory suggests as much.
We can be relatively certain that Donne would have been familiar with the litany form, so why the diverging format, or the use of the litany title for a different genre of poem?
Each passages raises the behold or "Ecce homo" theme as Donne refers to it in the sermon on Lamentations 3:1.
In 2007, Prof Donne was awarded the National Agency for Finite Element Methods and Standards (NAFEMS) World Congress award for most innovative use of simulation technology.
La seconda parte del volume e dedicata ad un momento decisivo della storia delle donne, quello in cui, grazie alla diffusione della stampa e della letteratura in volgare, la loro scrittura acquista una nuova visibilita.
University of Delaware forward Elena Delle Donne, gave a surprise when during her first collegiate game, she scored 19 points in 39 minutes against Saint Francis University (Pa.
Jonathan Burns, Conservative councillor for Llanishen, called on Ronan Donne to look at alternative sites for a controversialmobilephonemastin his ward.
Jeremy Donne QC, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey that Mr Khan was struck with a number of blows in the hallway of the house before being driven north.
Fiona Shaw joins the historian (above) to explore the life of John Donne, discovering how the poet rose to the position of Dean of St Pauls.
John Donne emerged as one of the world's greatest English poets from his former status as a buccaneer, capturing the paradoxes of his times and offering satirical visions of hell, powerful meditations in verse, and more.
As both poet and preacher, Donne urgently pursues complex, contradictory metaphysical speculations about his soul's origins, its separation from the body at his death, and its eagerly awaited reunion with his body on Doomsday.
Walton's Donne is a type of the reformed sinner: a writer whose later works and actions atone for the 'follies' of his youth, whether these were marrying the daughter of a social superior or writing erotic poetry.
John Stubbs's new biography of Donne is the first since R.
The "Valle delle donne" lends Day VII a certain symbolic topology inside of which "si ragiona delle beffe, le quali o per amore o per salvamento di loro le donne hanno gia fatte a' suoi mariti, senza essersene avveduti o si" (VII).