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English engineer who developed a method of preserving food by sterilizing it with heat and sealing it inside a steel container--the first tin can (1768-1855)


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Louise Donkin Jamie Lomas But this year was made even more special when Louise and her family got to meet some of the famous faces from the show - even getting some air time on TV.
On a practical level, Dr Donkin mentions the possibility of abuse of sick persons.
The company did not disclose how much coal Donkin had produced through October.
Mr Donkin was in his store, Newcastle Coin Dealers, when the raider came in claiming to be a customer.
Now, Mr Donkin, 41, says that although he was shocked by the ordeal, he will continue to run his business as usual.
The Nottingham Forest youngster was again in the thick of the action, forcing Donkin into a third save as Wrexham continued to threaten.
We based our community model on what the private provider Nurse Maude was doing in Christchurch," said Donkin.
His inclusive management approach and focus on employee safety and community relationships will serve the Donkin Project well as the Cline Group moves towards commercial start-up of the Donkin mine in 2016.
While the focus of the current campaign is on airports, Donkin, a mathematician and programmer, said the system is adaptable enough to be of service in many other environments.
5 nett), 2nd Barry Hobday, Stewart Hutchinson, Todd Gillespie & Ben Elsworth (60), 3rd Sara & Peter Thompson & Peter Donkin (61.
Donkin said, 'I'm very excited about this opportunity.
Those talks were prompted by Foresight's agreement earlier in the month to acquire Glencore's 75% interest in Donkin.
Arthur Cole, Mike Brennan; back second row (from left) Dennis Smith, Colin Ridding, Eddie Hinchcliffe, David Webster, Billy Whiteley, Jeff Stansfield; Middle row (from left): Mr Murray (sports), Keith Barlow, Ken Garside, Barry Donkin, Mr Ramsden (headteacher); Front row (from left): Malcolm Smith and Barry Knight Can anyone help with the missing name?
In the men's nett division, the in-form Pete Donkin narrowly won first place after a count back when he tied with Paul Talwar on 78 nett.
Xstrata's 75% stake in the $500 million Donkin coal project in Nova Scotia will be purchased by Canada's Morien Resources on the identity of the other partners in the investment group were not available as yet.