Donets Basin

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an industrial region in the Ukraine

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As miners in Ukraine's coal-rich Donets Basin stopped working to protest the wage halts and subsidy cuts of their free-market-minded government, 250,000 Russian teachers, who also were part of Yeltsin's original base, stayed away from schoolrooms for the second day in a row.
But in July, 500,000 Soviet miners went on strike, more than half of them in the Donets Basin, the country's most important coal-mining region, of which Donetsk is the capital.
In March there were work stoppages at the Lidievka and Kirov mines in the Donets Basin, which were terminated after the intervention of the party's city committee and the regional coal administration.
On August 17, the Donets Basin regional council issued a declaration calling on strike committees in other parts of the country to follow its example with the aim of creating a national council.
It is too early to say how far the strike, now spreading to the Donets Basin in the Ukraine, will go, what echo it will have throughout the working class and what the official reaction will be.